Purchasing FAQ

How is my information secure?

VisiScience takes security very seriously to make sure our customers data is protected. VisiScience tackles security in two ways: by using the best encryption to transmit and store any sensitive information; and to limit the amount of information we store to the bare minimum.

VisiScience's store forces all connections with its servers to use HTTPS using TLS (SSL). Data is encrypted by Google Cloud Services using industry standard SHA256, you can read more about Google's commitment to security at their website here. All payment processing is handled by Stripe and their commitment to security can seen at their website.

VisiScience's second ideology on security is to minimize its footprint on the amount of data it collects and stores. VisiScience does not store payment information (such as credit card numbers) on its servers, payment data is scrubbed after payment is processed by our merchant services and will never enter any permanent database storage.

What are ScienceSlides Online credits?

Credits are points you use toward purchasing selected slides on ScienceSlides Online. The rate is 1 to 4 credits per 1 ppt slide. Commonshapes are 1 credit, Compound Structures are 2 credits and most of the other slides are 4 credits. Purchased credits are valid for two years from when the Access Code was redeemed on scienceslides.com

Does VisiScience offer high volume licenses?

Yes. Please contact orders@visiscience.com for other Departmental / Institutional / Corporate licenses and questions.

Money Back Guarantee/Refund Policy

All merchandise unless otherwise indicated may be returned within 30 days from the original invoice date for a full refund.

Who qualifies for the Educational prices?

  • Any employee of a nonprofit Goverment institution
  • Any employee of a nonprofit Research Institute
  • Any employee of a nonprofit (public or private) K-12 and Higher Education institution
  • Student attending a public or private Higher Education Institution
  • School board members who are currently serving as elected or appointed members
  • PTA or PTO executives currently serving as elected or appointed officers